it’s been awhile…

As I’m sitting at the Starbucks a few miles from my current residence I can’t help but think that it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged. I wanted to use this space as a means to consistently write. Whether it be my thoughts, recipes I’m testing out, places I’ve visited. I just needed a place for my thoughts to physically (virtually?) reside so they wouldn’t take up so much brain space. Obviously since it’s been a long while since I’ve typed anything up this has been an entire fail for me. Well – maybe not since I actually keep a journal separate from this because…well because I’m only comfortable publicly announcing certain things.

A lot of significant things have happened in the last year. I’ll probably break them down into separate blog posts because that’s just how my brain works + it’s easier for me to revisit them in the form of a timeline. Ask anyone who really knows me.

  1. Big Move to WA
  2. Heather
  3. Elliott


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