to chase that dream or to let it die

Sometimes I wonder how often people chase their dreams to the ends of the Earth and sometimes I wonder how often people think their dream will suffice as a hobby or they’ll be happy settling for something else. Obviously no, I’m not talking about your dream partner, I’m talking about your career.

I have many dreams, some I think might be easily attainable than others….like publishing my book at thirty five – because, duh, Amazon Self-Publishing and traveling to all fifty U.S. states.

In college I had to construct a visual object that showed off what I wanted my future to look like and how it would eventually lead to my ultimate dream career: to own a flower shop/floral design studio. I created a maze on packaging paper and drew pit stops:

  • Graduate from college
  • Find a job
  • Move out of my parents house
  • Move to WA
  • Find a job again
  • Find a partner again and again and again
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have kids

Of course there was no rhyme or reason as to how I would really go about these things since nothing goes according to plan. I do admit that they’re listed in the way things are done ‘traditionally’ but fuck tradition. I’d rather do things on my own terms…or so I’m learning. I’m learning that it’s okay that I’m no where near owning a home by the age of thirty or married by twenty eight or that I’m only in the beginning stages of figuring out my career. I don’t know when God has these things planned for me but I’m really excited to be surprised by what the rest of my life will turn out to be.

IRL I’m running into career roadblock after career roadblock trying to figure out what it really is I want to do. Sometimes I find myself in roundabout situations eventually signaling my way out and down another path. I’ve made a couple pit stops and am starting to wonder if I could just please please please get a cheat sheet and find the quickest route that will lead me to becoming a floral designer. I remember going through a couple walls in the maze when I was demonstrating…but really – sometimes that’s what needs to be done. Just skip over a couple things to get to what you really want and don’t look back. Your life is owned by you and no one else so make the most out of it and go at your own pace. I know that’s what I plan on doing.

I haven’t done much to make sure my floral dreams come true aside from taking a couple floral design classes and emailing design studios inquiring about volunteering and to learn about their unique styles. I’ve decided that I’m no longer sitting on my ass to figure things out, I’m going to make every attempt I can to fulfill this dream of mine. I do worry that I’ll go broke but when there’s a will, there will always be a way and I plan on finding that way. Plus I firmly believe that life doesn’t throw anything at you that you cannot handle.

This year you will definitely find me pushing my limits – practicing techniques, networking, finding my own unique floral style. Pretty soon I’ll be posting fails and triumphs – hopefully more triumphs than fails – here and on my Instagram.

I really do hope that I have the capacity to chase this dream to the ends of the Earth and maybe even through the universe and back and eventually catch it. Deep in the marrow of my bones I know this is what I’ll be happiest doing.

So tell me, what dreams do you have?


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