pdx 2018

First off, I need to do another Portland trip…like an actual legit few day stay to get the true vibe. I’ve been to Portland three or four times now but I still don’t feel like I know the city.

Anyway, this was a semi-spontaneous trip because my cousin came out to PDX and asked if I could hang out for a day while her friends went hiking and I thought well sure, I don’t have anything going on. It also made me realize that Portland is ONLY THREE HOURS AWAY. All the more reason to take another weekend trip soon. I’m actually really proud of myself for driving down – I know it may not mean much to anyone but it really means a lot to me. I’m making slow moves to becoming self-sufficient. Something that I need to remember I’m capable of being.

Driving for three hours got me thinking about everything going on in my life. Good, bad and in-between. I’ve definitely been contemplating my next career move and while I haven’t yet cemented any real ideas I’m slowly narrowing things down. I know what I want it’s just a means of how to get there. While I didn’t do very much on the trip it was nice to get away from my day to day life even it was for a short period of time. I’m not really used to having no solid plans but it brought some relief.

I ended up going to Never Coffee, Slappy Cakes, Killer Burger, TILT, and Rogue (briefly). After everything it definitely made me feel like I really should see more of Seattle though…

There were five things I (re?)-learned about myself on my drive down:

1. I can drive for three hours straight singing at the top of my lungs

2. My eyes suck in the dark

3. I can get lost in my thoughts and somehow arrive at my destination

4. I’m a better driver than I had been when I was 20

5. I like driving alone


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