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I love birthdays. I don’t care whose birthday it is, I am OVER THE MOON for you. You’re probably wondering why in the hell I get so excited about getting older…because getting older is typically depressing.

The answer is actually really simple. You SURVIVED a whole ‘nother year of living. That’s an accomplishment. That deserves a friggin’ round of applause. A whole year of living comes with so many ups and so many downs but…you’re ALIVE. While I applaud you for being alive I do hope that you have been doing more than just existing. I hope that you are doing something with your life. I have high hopes that you will make this next year of being alive count – that you’re doing everything that makes you happy, that you’re doing good in the world around you.

This year I celebrated with friends at a roller rink and had the time of my life. I know that it seems really childish to celebrate your twenties at a rink but it was something I wanted to do and never done growing up. Thankfully my friends were on board and hopefully had just as much fun as I did. I’m not sure what it was but the fact that we were together but doing our own thing at different speeds was somewhat enlightening to me. It was amazing feeling the speed, the uncertainty of the people skating around me. The fear of falling but not being able to stop. The fear that other people would cause you to fall – I actually tripped on someone’s skates after they fell and fell myself…in slow motion. I”m not too sure what I’m trying to really say. Well I kind of do, I feel like the roller rink is a simile for life. Is that sentence even right? If not, oh well.

I turned twenty eight but I will be the first to let you know that for the most part I have mostly been existing and only dreaming of the day I start living my life. Things have been changing and I’m being conscious of those changes and with all those changes I’m trying my best to live purposely. I can’t really tell you exactly why I’m so big on birthdays, just that I truly look forward to what is to come in the new year. I feel like birthdays are your own personal new year – full of resolutions, goals, life. I’m hoping that I make my last even year of my twenties the best I can possibly make it.


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