floral class at marionfield farm

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. I had things scheduled but of course laziness took over…and so they sat on my blog empty like a dork. There are quite of things I’m wanting to talk about so be prepared to be overloaded with posts on posts on posts.

Since I hadn’t taken a floral class in a while I decided to check out EventBrite. Holy moly – I did not know there were so many classes you could take! I settled on a centerpiece class held by Marie Grace Design. Carmen is the SWEETEST person I’ve met in the floral business thus far. Her Instagram profile (@mariegracedesign) is not at all stacked with photos at this time but her designs are gorgeous. I believe she is in the process of rebranding – I forget…

Anyway, I loved the class! It was a bit of a drive from where I live but it was out in a more rural area in Arlington, WA. I had no idea how close I was living to farmland! The class took place in separate area from a barn that is used for events. The entire property looked as if it were out of a magazine. It was so peaceful standing outside in the sun watching the cows roam around.

As usual the individuals who attended all came with a +1. The women were so friendly. Each encouraging one another and letting everyone know how gorgeous their pieces were turning out. This was the first class where I wasn’t regulated to taking a certain amount of stems. She even allowed us to take some extra flowers home if we wanted. She provided us lilacs (lavender, dark magenta and white) – these blooms smelled divine. There were also anemones, ranunculus…and well I can’t remember what else. I really should start posting as soon as I can since my memory is not all that great a month later.

Carmen also prepared some treats for us, pansy flowers cookies, some iced teas and coffee. She also showed us some books that she loves to peruse. I definitely felt like the cost of the class was worth the drive + everything that was included.




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