california roadtrip 2018

Here’s another post I’m like two months behind on.

There were SO SO many things that went wrong the day before this trip even began.

  1. During a Target run I needed to pee so I went to the restrooms before my shopping excursion. I came out thinking I looked presentable and then towards the kitchenware area a kind young mother with a kid or two politely said, “hi…your dress is tucked in.” YES – my right butt cheek was out for all of Lynnwood Target to gawk out for 2 minutes. Thank God I was wearing some nice black underpants – I guess.
  2. I wanted to pack up my car at about 7pm/8pm before my 3am drive out to The Bay. Elliott was making a fuss so up the wagon with my stuff and pack him in as well. We made it down the hall without any snafus but when we rounded the corner the wagon bumped into the elevator door and as I was readjusting the wagon my phone fell out of my pocket. It bounced on the elevator floor and somehow bounced directly into the elevator shaft/crack – where the doors slide to close. So yes…I saw the phone light up and then crash all the way down three flights. -_- I had just purchased the iPhone X and so OF COURSE this would happen 5 months later. Eventually I got the phone back and almost had to pay for the elevator technician to come out but because I wasn’t told there was a fee ahead of time I didn’t have to pay. I got my phone back the next morning at 10am and it’s in pristine condition except for the fact that the screen protector is completely ruined and the phone is now green. I didn’t have time to go to Apple to figure it out so I went to Verizon and got a new iPhone X…and no I didn’t have insurance on the first one and so I had to pay off the first phone in order to get a new phone. I needed one anyway because of the long trek down to see my parents…

So I made it to California after a 16 hour drive. I left Washington at about 12pm and arrived at 4am the next morning. Elliott and I were exhausted but I felt SO accomplished to have been able to do a road trip all on my own. I definitely don’t like the winding highways where there aren’t any lights so you can see the path down the road. Half of the drive was gorgeous though, all of Oregon was so green. I know for a fact I will never start a road trip late in the day thinking I won’t get sleepy.

Anyway, the main reason for me to travel down was so that Elliott and I could celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday with everyone. We had lunch at Fogo de Chao and had cake from Peter’s Bakery. The rest of the time was spent either at the beach or just low-key adventuring with my parents and Elliott. Overall it was very short, chill trip. Elliott was spoiled like no other.

3.  The car battery in my dad’s truck malfunctioned and we were stuck at the floral strip in Half Moon Bay waiting for my uncle and aunt to drop off a battery…that took four hours.

Maybe one day I’ll make the round trip drive again but for now I have a couple other things to look forward to: Colorado & Europe.



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