it’s been a hot minute

since I’ve blogged last. A little over a month to be exact. Not too much has happened since the end of July except for the fact that Elliott is now a year old (my parents came up to visit their grandfurchild for this), he attended his first Woodinville Parade and joined the Basset Brigade. The biggest news of all though is that I’ve switched companies and am now currently working closer to home. No more hour and a half commutes one way for me. 💁🏻‍♀️.

There are a couple things I’m working on that will be posted maybe in the next month or so. Definitely trying to be consistent with my floral design journey — I put that on the back burner while I was searching for new employment but now that I have it I’m back to thinking up designs. Also, I’m trying to schedule time in order to start/restart writing short stories/my damn novel again.

I’ve been going back and forth on what kind of content I want to publish on my blog and recently put out on IG if I should review Trader Joe’s items on here. Most likely will. As of right now I’m thinking of floral design, TJ reviews and maybe some updates on my friend making skills which BTW are shitty.

I need to find an extension of a group of friends or just girl friends in general. BUT I am so bad at making friends. Literally terrible at talking to new people if I’m not spewing some HR knowledge on peeps. Should I go back on Bumble to find a girl gang?

Stay tuned.


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