my body

most people consider january 1 or lunar year as the start of the new year but for me, i consider my birthday as the start of my new year. this is my excuse for all my new years resolutions/goals to finally start…if i’ve been lagging on them. LOOP HOLE!

in the last few weeks i’ve been trying to figure out how to take care of myself. do i nourish every nook and cranny of myself properly? definitely not. not even close. since my birthday, i really took a look at myself as a whole and determined that i’m not really happy with the activity or lack thereof that’s going on. so – i’m trying to take a control.

i used to be really active. like…i used to figure skate, take dance classes (ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap), play soccer and was on my high school track team.

oh my god, i used to love to run. specifically – i loved to SPRINT. it was my favorite thing in the world. i loved to beat the boys at my elementary school’s field day competitions. i loved to get ribbons and show them to my parents and say ‘LOOK WHAT HAPPENED AT SCHOOL TODAY.’ i loved to compete. my parents never instilled a competitive spirit in me but for whatever reason i felt like i needed to prove something.

any time i was interested in something i’d go home and tell my parents that i wanted to try something new. they were nothing but supportive each time i had a new idea of something i wanted to do. my dad being the most excited of the both of them. every extracurricular i took part in was my own doing and my parents found themselves onboard every single time. buying me what i needed to skate, dance, play and run. their first gen daughter was throwing herself into things they never had the chance in participating in as kids in the philippines. they came to my figure skating classes, dance recitals, soccer games and track events when they could. i can recall them cheering hard on the sidelines when myself or my best friends were competing in our events.

looking back now i was looking to prove myself and make my parents proud.

like i said earlier…i used to do these things. once i headed off to college i lost track of taking care of my body. i didn’t gain weight (never gained the freshman 15) but i lost all the muscle i had built over my pre-teen/teenaged years.

now that i’ve entered the last year of my 20s i’m looking to take care of myself inside and out. i haven’t quite figured out what that looks like yet but i have a pretty good idea. i’ll be taking fitness classes, running outdoors, consistently eating – healthy, unhealthy – at this point i just want to make sure i’m fueling my body somehow. by taking care of my body by exercise and ‘diet’ alongside using beauty/skin products that aren’t harmful will be my first few steps.

it’s been ten years in the making but i guess everyone has to start…or rather restart somewhere.


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