again again again

i’ve stopped blogging again. lack of inspiration is the culprit…or maybe i’m just not too sure what’s worth talking about.

i’m slowly getting back into floral design. i reached out to a lovely floral designer whose style i admire so much and asked where i could purchase flowers while practicing. preferably one that doesn’t break the bank but gives me options. she suggested farmers market and a whole sale flower market in seattle that has public hours for a few hours on friday’s (you need a whole sale license to shop during reg. hours). i decided to hit up the woodinville farmers market since it’s super close and open on saturday (#win). i had no idea you could ask for bunches of flowers instead of purchasing the pre-made arrangements that they make (#anotherwin). so far i’ve gone two weeks in a row with pretty good centerpiece results esp. since i haven’t done any designs in a while.

here are a couple snaps of the two pieces i’ve worked on.

D6F57098-372D-411E-A2A4-7D6678B19D1Bpurple haze – 06/22/2019

F2494756-DBE0-4697-81AC-D18C925927B3lemon raspberry sherbet – 06/29/2019

you see…i feel like i have a real eye for this stuff. i’m not too sure what it is but i feel it. maybe this is what it means when people know they’re “meant to do xx”. anyhow so i’m messing around with flowers and trying to indulge in being me. i really want to take more classes just to learn new styles and really find what my style is ~~. but i also want to learn how to make bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages. maybe i’ll be ready by next year for prom season to really get things going.

while perusing through instagram i came across an event coordination company. the owner/founder who is passionate about developing others to work towards their passion AND she’s willing to chat over coffee. she states that right there in her brief on the site. once i gather enough courage i’ll contact her and see where networking and advice takes me.

i’m wondering if this is my chance to go in on event coordination as a career…even if it’s part-time.


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