the cleanse

apps blur button close up

i know i’m not alone when i say i need a break from social media.

i’m on instagram and twitter for what feels like every half hour or hour just to see who liked my photo/tweet or watched my story. i never cared about this stuff before but i feel like it’s taking over my life. definitely not how i wish to spend my time.

i decided to temporarily deactivate my personal instagram account as something of a cleanse. not too sure how long this will last but i think it’ll help reset my…head? i don’t even know what to call it. i do still have my floral account and elliott’s account live…but hopefully that won’t be an issue. if it is then i guess i’ll have to temporarily cleanse myself of all accounts if necessary.

so why am i cleansing myself of social media? well…it makes me feel left out and as if there’s a red thumb pointing at the fact that i don’t go out very much or do interesting things. for the most part my stories consist of whatever i’ve cooked/baked or of elliott. i stay in a lot to stop myself from spending on things i don’t need. i like to spend time alone doing my own thing…or maybe that’s what i’ve convinced myself.  i know i’m a homebody. watching and seeing what everyone is up to makes me feel sort of lonely – something i’ve been dealing with for the last two years now. i don’t think the cleanse will make me go out and do things but i think it’ll help me not compare my lack of doing things to what everyone is up to.


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