This blog is dedicated to the things I enjoy: fashion, food, travel and flowers. Along with things I’m occasionally confused about: #adulting, #relationships, #etc.

Posts regarding my thoughts about my current state as a human are in no way meant to make you feel any type of way. It’s simply a means of me talking about what I’m going through whether it be the highlights of my life or struggles I’m facing. In a sense this is my virtual journal but I won’t be sharing every itty bitty detail with you (sorry!).

This is my webspace space to showcase styles I’m digging at the moment. I am simply displaying things I think are cool, maybe you’ll feel the same way, maybe not – – to each their own.

My food posts range from desserts to main dishes and quite possibly place settings. TBH most of my food postings will be of things I have sudden cravings for. :]

I’m a dreamer of travel and I hope to travel to all continents and beautiful countries all over the world and states within the U.S.